Marina Bazhydai published an article in the Cultured Scene magazine (Issue 3, July 2018)

Marina Bazhydai has an article in the Cultured Scene magazine, published by the Association of Early-career Social Learning Researchers,, entitled Big Questions of Cultural Learning. 

     Marina wrote this piece as a reflection following her attendance at a two-day Early Career Social Learning Researchers’ 2018 Workshop, held this year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland on June 21-22. At the workshop, Marina presented a poster on her work with two-year-olds and their propensity for cultural information transmission following social interaction. The interdisciplinary nature of the workshop provided an engaging platform for networking with researchers in various fields of psychology, biology and anthropology united through their fascination by the power of social learning in different species, from bees, to whales, to humans. The highlight of the intensive workshop was the senior researchers’ panel discussion, “Learnt perspectives: 20 years of social learning” with Prof Malinda Carpenter, Prof Andrew Whiten, Dr Monica Tamariz, and Dr Luke Rendell of the University of St Andrews. Following the workshop, Marina is also co-authoring an article for the Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews to appear this month.