Open Science Pioneer in the Lab: Priya Silverstein

Priya Silverstein has had a paper accepted to present as a talk and as a proceedings paper at ICDL-EpiRob 2019. This is an interdisciplinary conference covering computer science, robotics, psychology, and developmental studies in order to understand human development. Priya will be presenting results from her study on the development of gaze following, where she has found evidence that infants learnt o gaze-follow through reinforcement learning. This is of theoretical importance, as leading theories about how infants develop this ability assume an innate basis for understanding the communicative intent behind referential gaze, which these results speak against. For more detail:
She also was interviewed about replications and diversity in open science by ReproducibiliTea Podcast, find more about it here:
Meanwhile, she will also be speaking at three workshops on Open Science practices. She will cover being involved in the ManyBabies project (at Lancaster University’s one day workshop on getting started in open practices), Open Science practices for developmental psychologists (at LCICD 2019), and how to conduct good replication studies (at a workshop on good science practice in Leipzig, Germany).
Additionally, she has been awarded a £2000 LuCiD travel grant to visit Prof. Chen Yu’s lab at the University of Indiana in the USA. Priya will spend three weeks there this summer, learning how to use and analyse data from head-mounted eye-trackers, and networking with the lab there.