Research flourishes at the 4th home-based conference: LCICD 2019

Another successful home-based conference LCICD was hold from 21st to 23rd August, where research flourishes and lab members presented their exciting infancy research.

Special thanks to the invited speakers, Victoria Southgate, Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, and Kim Plunkett for sharing with us the valuable research that they are currently doing.

Thank you to everyone who attended for being a part of stimulating discussions.

Here is some feedback from one of the delegates:

From August 21st–23rd Lancaster University hosted the 4th annual international Conference on Infant and
Early Child Development (LCICD). Delegates included psychologists, linguists and primatologists at all
stages of their careers who share interests in the development of language, communication and cognition.
The main event was preceded by a pre-conference on open science in developmental psychology
organized by Priya Silverstein (that I was sadly unable to attend).
Each morning started with a keynote speaker: Victoria Southgate delivered a fascinating theoretical
talk proposing a novel view on the early development of perspective-taking; Catherine Tamis-LeMonda
demonstrated how babies’ exuberance creates opportunities for language learning; and Kim Plunkett
argued that infants have a semantic network as young as we are currently able to test them.
Other talks were grouped into themed sessions that included social cognition, infant-caregiver
interaction, and language and cognitive development, amongst others. It was great to see cross-cultural
work well-represented. Notably all speakers kept to time which allowed ample opportunity for questions
from the audience, resulting in lively discussion and debate.
The two poster sessions were very well attended and allowed enough time to take in all the
interesting work on show while enjoying refreshments and socializing. Overall, a fantastically organized
conference with a friendly atmosphere that showcased the cutting edge of research in infant and child

Emma Tecwyn, Lecturer
Department of Psychology
Birmingham City University, UK

With all the awesome commentary, we are aiming to improve the LCICD 2020.

Look forward to see you at LCICD 2020, Lancaster !