Shirley Cheung attends the ASHA 2015 Convention

Shirley Cheung presented in the 2015 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention during 12-14 November held in Denver, Colorado. She presented work from her undergraduate honors thesis with Dr. Pui Fong Kan in two poster presentations and a 2-hour seminar.

Her undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder examined the complexity of Cantonese-English bilingual language environments, specifically focusing on home and classroom settings.

Below are the titles of the events she presented in. Additional information and advanced handouts can be searched here:

  1. Poster – Session Code 7022
    1. Patterns of vocabulary development in monolingual and bilingual children
  2. Poster – Session Code 8218
    1. Cantonese and English language input of bilingual preschool children in home and classroom environments
  3. 2-hour Seminar – Session Code 1316
    1. Research in Chinese-speaking communities and its contribution to the CSD field: A panel discussion