‘It was necessary to lend myself to the memory’, by Amy Allara

‘A Hidden Truth’, by Amy Hunter

‘It is absurd to suppose that forms spring from names’, by Amy Allara

‘Night shift’, by SpinalPain

‘The Cost of Falling Ill’, by Linda Cosgriff

‘The Question’ (Anon.)

‘Superheroes in PJs’, by Grae Salisbury

‘Chime’, by Marion Michell

‘In the name of Pain’, by Suchitra Awasthi

‘Tinnitus’, by Declan Lloyd

‘Premature Ovarian Failure’, by S. L. Shuter

‘Flare*’, by amymillios.blog

‘I think of trees splitting’, by @bronwengwriter

‘First and Last’, by Michele Leavitt

‘The Pain Of Acceptance’, by Ian Conrad Cross

‘I need duvet days’, by Nicole Brown

‘i am the most selfish person ever’ by socks

‘The hook’, by Sarah Sasson

‘hello pain let’s dance!’ by Wendy Jones

‘Partners In My Care’, by anonymous

‘Mutation’, by Marion Michell

‘hey Leah’ by socks

‘hail mary’, by Nicole Schafenacker

‘The medical record swallows the story’, by Sara Wasson

‘Occam’s Hammer’, by Garry Coulthard

‘i want my mom’, by socks

‘The Day That Never Ends’, by Mariana Gurgis

‘NIGHT SWEATS’, by Blair James

‘there’s a metaphor here but im too tired to find it…’ by socks

‘Encroachment’, by Mary Marie Dixon

‘A Double Etheree on Living with M.E.’, by Linda Cosgriff

‘Fibromyalgia’, by Zara Carpenter

‘The Pits of Pain’, by Katarina Juvancic

‘Ray’, by Philip Brennan

‘On Scarborough beach, I played football’, by Paul Allender

‘The Sick Mother’, by Amy Wray Irish

‘Not Quite Dead’, by Angelina Bong

‘I feel the music’ by Wendy Jones

‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’, by Amanda Steel

‘TWENTY FOUR SEVEN’, by Hedgehog

‘An Everyday Battle’, by Sophie Powell

‘Focal Signal Intensity Enhancements’, by Maureen Miller

‘Nobody’, by Wayne Roberts

‘Splinted’, by Ruth Victoria Chalkley

‘PHOTOTHERAPY’, by Angi Holden

‘Doubt’, by Holly Hirst

‘She is struggling with the concept’, by Lucy Goodwill


‘The skin I wear’ by Wendy Jones

‘In Stillness’, by D. Phoenix

‘Singing Bones’, by Katarina Juvancic

‘Nothing’, by Una Sombra

‘The exorcism of Spasmodic Torticollis’, by Holly Hirst

‘The Grinder’, by Alan Horne

‘A MEDLEY OF PAIN POPS’, by ford dagenham

‘Hagalaz’, by Ruth V. Chalkley


‘Food for Thought’, by Ryan Michael Dumas

‘D is for Dysesthesia’, by Gillian Shirreffs


‘The Velocity of Pain’, by Sonya Huber

‘Illuminating Irresolution’, by Sean Medium

‘Collateral Damage’, by Ellie Conway

‘Too’, by RachDoesDesign

‘When the stars threw down their spears’, by Jacqueline Woods

‘SLEEPLESSNESS’, by Xie Licheng

‘LIVE YOUR STORY’, by Katarina Juvancic

‘pain and Pain’, by M-S-Y

‘Still Life’ by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

‘Shooting stars’, by Marion Michell

‘The Night Shift’, by Libby R.

‘Outside In’, by Kendra Preston Leonard

‘What Happens Next’, by Linda Cosgriff

‘The Ache’, by Kitty Frilling

‘Footsteps’, by Jacqueline Woods

‘Hurting Haikus’, by Vanessa

‘Poor Growing Season’, by Miranda Cichy

‘Defining Me’, by Shanali Perera

‘Helplessness’, by @simonsalento

‘Growth?’, by @RoseClue, @ Advanced Wizards, @Watercolors,

‘Stroke’ by Lizzie Heath

‘The Diagnosis’, by Roseanne Watt

‘Ocularis’, by M. F. DeMaurisha

‘Unwanted visitor’, by SpinalPain

‘train tracks’, by anonymous

‘Metamorphosis Haiku’, by Linda Cosgriff

‘Metamorphosis’, by Marion Michell

‘She asks if it’s raining outside’, by Jane Hartshorn

‘that unwanted invasion’, by R. Redman

‘everyday pain’ by Sara Elgerot

‘Twenty Minutes’ (Anon.)

‘Bus Stop’ by Matt Alton

‘Swans and Swallows’, by Mary Marie Dixon

‘Punch Views His (A/S) Body’, by Phil Hawtin

‘Wings’, by Paula Knight

‘7 Months of Pain’, by Robert Orr

‘Seczema’ by Isabel White

‘And for a long time’, by Amy Allara

‘what for is there beauty’, by socks

‘The Break of Day’, by Jacqueline Woods