Please do not judge me,it wasn’t my choice
This illness descended, that’s what hurts the most
I have worked all my life, brought up three healthy boys
It has never been easy, what with clothing and toys
I can cope with fatigue, as most mothers can
But i took on too much, then the trouble began
My children have grown now and all flown the nest
But if mum is required, I forgo my rest
Three days in work is all I can manage
The pain is too much, my brain left in carnage
My “ME” is recognised, the authorities are aware
But the pain from Fibro Myalgia, they don’t seem to care
I am dependant on others which goes against the grain
But I’ll continue to struggle, there’s my dignity to maintain
I’m not after your pity, I don’t want a fuss
Please be patient, I’ll get there, but I can no longer rush.

A photograph of a fireplace with a mirror hanging over it, and a small clock and ornaments on display.


  • by Ian Conrad Cross