‘Superheroes in PJs’, by Grae Salisbury

This is shocking.                 I am not an object and I am not broken but                                           the pain tells me differently.   This is chronic.               Why am I not adjusted yet?   It comes and goes, it’s all my consciousness                                                         or                                           all I want is to lie down.   And when […]

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‘Flare*’, by

I’ve slept through Christmas. I shiver and pull the covers over me; sweat, and throw the covers off. My head bobs with nausea as I hobble to the bathroom to pee. The cats stay away, though at some point I hear them sliding across the living room floor, chasing that knitted ball with the bell.  They […]

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‘Early Onset’, by David Punter

Like a tennis ace, all Crisp white shorts, and shirts Fresh every day, He sits over the breakfast Table, too big For any chair, an elbow  Planted, a one-hand scoop Of eggs and bacon, Solid muscle in the arm And thigh, his neck A bronze pillar Of glowing flesh. And then you see Slight tremor, […]

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