May 26, 2017

The Comic Project within The Dukes & LU partnership wins a prestigious award

Arts Partnership betwen the local art institution The Dukes and Lancaster University has won the North West Cultural Education Awards. The photo features Vicky Fletcher, The Dukes’ Outreach and Learning Manager and Professor Andrew Atherton, Lancaster University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor with the award.

The partnership includes The Comic Project with Dr Natasa Lackovic and Dr Nicola Ingram of Educational Research as academic PIs on the project. The project involves children from two North-West England schools to engage with a comic artist and writer during one semester and create comics to take away home at the end of the project. The aims of the project are to explore to what extent and how pupils’ engagement with comic creation, reading and creative expression relate to:
1. the progress in reading/particular aspects of literacy syllabus
2. the feeling of self-esteem, confidence and other emotional states

More information on the award available on The Dukes webpage: