Papers from LAEL PG 2012: Volume 7

ISSN 1756-123X
Published: 2013

Karen Donnelly and Federica Formato

Papers from LAEL PG is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication featuring full papers from the annual Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching (LAEL PG). There is one volume annually, published in November/December of the year following the conference. Each volume is edited by a different team of PhD students at the Department of Linguistics and English Language (LAEL), Lancaster University.

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Volume 7 Contents

Title/Author Download
Representation of burka banning in France as represented in British and Persian Newspapers (Arezoo Adibeik)
Saudi EFL teachers’ and students’ perceptions of motivational strategies (Eman Alshehri)
Intersections between literacy beliefs and written texts produced by 7 to 10 years old Chilean children (Margarita Calderón Lopez)
Independent Women? Representations of gender-specific possession in two Shakespeare plays (Heather Froelich)
Volunteer ESOL teaching: Local pedagogy or teaching without a theory? (Martin J. Nickson)
The use of a case study approach to examine the construction of identity in an undergraduate dissertation written in a foreign language (Pamela Olmos Lopez)
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