Papers from LAEL PG 2010: Volume 5

Published: 2011
ISSN 1756-123X

Kathrin Kaufhold, Sharon McCulloch, Ana Tominc

Papers from LAEL PG is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication featuring full papers from the annual Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching (LAEL PG). There is one volume annually, published in November/December of the year following the conference. Each volume is edited by a different team of PhD students at the Department of Linguistics and English Language (LAEL), Lancaster University.

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Volume 5 Contents

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Gladys Nyarko Ansah: The Cultural Basis of Conceptual Metaphors: The Case of Emotions in Akan and English
Elizabeth Apostolou: Comparing Perceived and Actual Task and Text Difficulty in the ssessment of Listening Comprehension
Caterina Guardamagna: Following the Path from ‘follow’ to ‘according to’. Interpreting Layering of Functions of Italian secondo, seguendo and a seconda di as Clues to the Grammaticalisation of Latin sequor via secundum.
Helen Hargreaves: Identifying Viewpoint in an Extract from John le Carré’s A Perfect Spy
Barbara Leonardi: The Pragmatics of Literary Interaction in James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Klára Matuchová: Fur Coat, No Knickers: Semantic Potentiality in Alternative Identity Negotiation
Yvonne Préfontaine: Differences in Perceived Fluency and Utterance Fluency across Speech Elicitation Tasks: A Pilot Study
Farah Sabbah: Conceptual Metaphors of War in News Reports Covering the 2003 Invasion of Iraq by The New York Times and The Daily Star
Anindita Sahoo: Oriya Passives with Ditransitives
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