Papers from LAEL PG 2007: Volume 2

Volume 2. Papers from LAEL PG 2007
Published: 2008
ISSN 1756-123X

Editors: Majid KhosraviNik & Alexandra Polyzou

Papers from LAEL PG is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication featuring full papers from the annual Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching (LAEL PG). There is one volume annually, published in November/December of the year following the conference. Each volume is edited by a different team of PhD students at the Department of Linguistics and English Language (LAEL), Lancaster University.

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Volume 2 Contents

Page Title/Author Download
1 Investigating expertise in textbook writing: Insights from a case study of an experienced materials writer at work
Dawn Atkinson
21 The discursive management of work-life dilemmas
Justin Charlebois
44 Two subtypes of M-implicature: A study with special reference to Modern Greek
Michael Chiou
58 A CDA approach to the translations of taboos in literary texts within the historical and socio-political Turkish context
Reyhan Funda Isbuga-Erel
78 Language policy and ideology in the United States: A critical analysis of ‘English Only’ discourse
Rachele Lawton
104 Genre-based data selection and classification for Critical Discourse Analysis
Alexandra Polyzou
136 Contributors’ and editors’ details

Reviewers for Volume 2

  • Mahmood Moradi Abbasabadi
  • Claire Dembry
  • Steve Disney
  • Margherita Dore
  • Bernhard Forchtner
  • Costas Gabrielatos
  • Konstantia Kosetzi
  • Eleanor Lamb
  • Sofia Lampropoulou
  • Rachele Lawton
  • Kate Lee
  • Neil Millar
  • Steve Oswald
  • Maryam Paknahad Jabarooty
  • Julia Sallabank
  • Richard Slessor

Proofreaders for Volume 2

  • Szofia Demjen
  • Rachele Lawton
  • Richard Slessor
  • Charlotte Taylor

The editors would like to thank Costas Gabrielatos for his help with formatting the volume at the final stage.