Welcome to your brand spanking new site for all things BLS!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jed Winstanley and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to bring this blog site to life for all of you fellow science nerds (if that isn’t why you chose to pursue a Biomedical & Life Sciences [BLS] degree then this is slightly awkward…)

Swiftly moving on, I am currently going into my 3rd year of studying for a Biological Sciences degree and now have to start thinking about what I want to do with my life when I graduate to become an adult *cue horror music*

This brings me onto my main point which is why this blog has been brought into existence. Myself, Christine Shirras, Rod Dillon and Stephen Owens (shout out to you guys) wouldn’t want you to get to this very same point in your degree and have to worry about rocking up to a job interview with no work experience. So we have created this BLS blog with the aim of utilising all of the social media accounts you have to make contributions and, in the process, gain invaluable skills – examples being critical thinking, developing scientific reading and writing comprehension and networking – for you to show off to your potential future employers (I guarantee lecturers marking your coursework and exam papers will also appreciate demonstration of these skills *hint, hint*).

I sincerely hope you will all use and abuse (in a good way of course) this blog site to its full potential and reap the rewards when you are sat in the interview for your future career blowing away your future employer with the enhanced employability you have acquired through making contributions to the BLS blog.

Jed, out.

*mic drop*


A presentation detailing the creation process a little more can be found here.