In each of the four corners of the page is a rectangular image. On a black background is a golden eye with gold and red swirls and dots. At the centre is a jade green circle. Image by Nis86, used with kind permission. Text of the poem Ocularis follows; Swirls, whorls, blue sparkles Bounce, pulse within my eyes Pulse, bounce inside my head Making me wish I could die Desperately I put out my hands Seeking to find gravity Instead I touch solidity And hold on with brevity Which way up or down? Everything morphs, pulses Yet alone I must stand No one else is aware The pain residing in my head Rises, falls, rises, falls Thunders and retreats Explodes and fragments Yet still I must stand Although I wish to die Nobody understands or cares Only I stand, wondering why

  • by M. F. DeMaurisha

U. K.