body hangs off me like a scab, torture-punished brain a scared little animal peering out of skull, rats gnaw at the base of psyche,  lick rusty razor blade,  electric flame slice belly,  fiery metal spears dangle from gut,  The great beast paws idly at my entrails, sparking shark teeth chew slowly up leg, thrust scorching […]

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‘The Night Shift’, by Libby R.

When he was dying, I swallowed a CoCodamol before bedtime as if it were hot chocolate. I craftily attributed my zen-like calm in the face of helping Dad as he pissed blood into a plastic pot at 3am – I don’t know what’s happening to me, he said, again and again – to my sensible […]

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‘Fibromyalgia’, by Zara Carpenter

Fibromyalgia  My body drinks in the harsh cold of winter  Setting my bones on fire
 Hands ball up into blotched white fists  Suddenly and viciously  A message travels down
  My over over sensitive nerves
 Sending fingers shooting out
 Dead straight
 Rigor morticed with pain 
Liquid churns hot in my spasming bowels  Limp sprinting to the […]

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‘Occam’s Hammer’, by Garry Coulthard

No one talks about Occam’s other idea, the hammer, when his razor didn’t cut deep enough, his hammer smashed down. ‘Of an event occurring, it is most likely that the simplest one is the correct one’ ‘Of an inevitability occurring, the one that hurts the most is the correct one’ When Occam’s hammer falls, it’s […]

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