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‘Too’, by RachDoesDesign

The image features a form with chaotic hair spanning the entirety of the piece, lines and dots show the chaos of the mind

Too young to understand,
Too scared to stay


  • by RachDoesDesign



[The image features a form with chaotic hair spanning the entirety of the piece, lines and dots show the chaos of the mind]

‘hello pain let’s dance!’ by Wendy Jones

Hello pain let’s dance!

Hello pain let’s dance together
and cry a melody
Just you and me forever
which dance is it to be?
A boogie or a waltz
a tango or some jiving?
Whatever the rhythm
It’s time to do some living

The violinist’s bow
hews across its strings
The drummer’s sticks do beat
upon his drum
sweet notes emanate
a squeezing heartache
Across the room
A trumpet sighs do come

She moves her body slow
To the echo of the bow
The rhythm of the beat
Won’t knock her down
Her back she keeps it straight
And feet they will not wait
But trip along and step
The bright life into town

She feels a country breeze
That puts her at her ease
Her spirits rise until they fly away
Birdsong in the trees
Falling from their leaves
And butterflies are coming out to play.


  • by Wendy Jones



More information: https://poetryatnightblog.wordpress.com/

‘hey Leah’ by socks

hey Leah ive been worried about you. theres this site i want you to see, ive been putting poems on there about chronic pain. you dont have to do this alone.


  • by socks


‘In the name of Pain’, by Suchitra Awasthi

Pain is a pre-requisite to Creation. Take for example the process of bringing forth life. Albeit it is a painful process, nevertheless, it is also a glorious creation. History stands testimony to the fact that all the great ones who ever walked the Earth have

risen to great heights walking through the aisle of pain. “Love till it hurts” is the beautiful message bequeathed to us by Mother Teresa. I consider myself fortunate to have known a few “chosen” ones who have borne the cross of their lives with a brave heart.

Their lives have made me understand the significance of the maxim of “Grace Under Pressure “. Living in the proximity of pain, at this watershed moment of my life, I endeavour to explore the uncharted realm of Metaphysics and as I inch towards it silently,

I experience the power of the Void in my own quaint way.


  • by Suchitra Awasthi


‘hail mary’, by Nicole Schafenacker

she is in the sauna drinking coke and eating salted peanuts

one knee resting against the hot wood, silvery hair damp and sticking to her shoulders

we discuss midwifery and the what it’s like to catch a slippery baby

in your palms

she is standing in seal skin coat with white fur collar beside the church

mid afternoon sun coming through jewel red of stain glass window

holding a cigarette to her lips exhaling smoke and warm breath

casual flick of ash hitting the ice

i can’t say what it is about these chance encounters that reel me in

give me something to latch onto

but mystery in itself can be a sustainer for the curious

there is no such thing as “meant to be”

things are just happening – miraculous, mundane things –

and why do we need more than that?

all is as it is as it is, amen


  • by Nicole Schafenacker

WordPress: https://nicoleschafenacker.wordpress.com/



‘Growth?’, by @RoseClue, @ Advanced Wizards, @Watercolors,

a watercolor image of a tree with five branches ,shaped like a hand, each finger one color of the rainbow, but after a certain point in the trunk each color becomes muddled together in a confusing mess. A caption in red block letters that “bleed” into the background like scratches reads, “from pain comes growth” with a question mark.

Where does it even start? 
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
How can I tell each apart?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
Where does it even end?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
Why isn’t my body my friend? 
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know


  • by @RoseClue (twitter, instagram), @ Advanced Wizards, @Watercolors (facebook)


‘Nothing’, by Una Sombra

I am in the centre of nothing.
Nothing cushions me.
Nothing protects me
I am comfortable surrounded by nothing
Nothing is nice and kind and gentle.
I am nobody in nothing
I am special in nothing
Nothing matters in nothing
Nothing is everything
I am nothing

Nothing touches me
I touch nothing
Nothing moves me
I move nothing
Nothing loves me
I love nothing

Nothing is good
Nothing is great
Nothing is better than me


  • by Una Sombra


‘The Diagnosis’, by Roseanne Watt

A rookery, long abandoned now, 
had been built inside my body.

I don’t know where the birds went
or why, one day, they uninhabited,

leaving only their barbed-wire 
residues, strung across the boughs

of my hips; all sticks and spit, 
all hollows meant for holding 

something small, still desperately
alive. I’m sorry – I’m afraid 

I know only my own dark canopy, 
its filtering bones of light.


  • by Roseanne Watt


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