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Transport for the future

Setting up a Giga factory

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Interview with Isobel Shelton ( 4.29)

Interview with Isobel Shelton ( 3.09)

Isobel’s career journey

The giga factory, Isobel explains the scale and significance for the UK

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Suggested topics for listeners to note

Interview with Isobel Shelton ( 1.48)

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Calculation of capacity of factory in number of cars (a Fermi calculation)

The careers of the future, and STEM fields that it will demand

Storage systems for net zero carbon, The Microgrid

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Interview with Dr Denes Csala (7.24)



Microgrids and self sufficient electrical supply networks

Manchester’s energy gap

SI multiples

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Can old car batteries save the day/ Taking information from graphs

How much energy is supplied to M/C/ how many football pitches of containers are needed

A more modern approach using EV batteries

Reinforcing the idea of a microgid using EV batteries

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Storage Systems for net zero Carbon: Battery development

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Interview Shahin Nikman(7.44)

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Why is battery development important to zero carbon future

Energy capacity/ Energy density/ Power density/ Terms applied to EV’s