Transport for our Future

Why are EVs so important for a net-zero future?

Interview with Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE about The Blair Project in Manchester.


Fuel cells in trains:

Hydroflex is researching engineering developments and design for new generation of Hydrogen powered trains. Dr Stuart Hillsman and Charles Calvert, Birmingham University, chat about the project and explain how fuels cells work.


Fuel Cell Research:

Dr Laurie King from Manchester Met University chats about her research into the development of fuel cells.


Electric Vehicles:

Engineer Elaine Meskhi is working with Cenex helping public and private sector organisations evaluate and deliver low emission vehicle and associated infrastructure strategies.

Listen as she explains how she sees future car ownership and behaviour changing. 



Physicist, TV presenter and oceanographer, Dr Helen Czerski discusses why sustainability is so important and the asks us to consider how important shipping is to our lives. How can our goods be transported more sustainably in the future?