ACTION! What are we doing about it?

This page is dedicated to the work of Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS) and other organisations which are working towards net zero carbon.

Ambleside to zero

One of CAfS Project Managers, Molly Hogg, chats about how the Ambleside community is working with CAfS to make their town net zero carbon by 2030.


Retrofit for Cumbria

One of CAfS Project managers Tina Holt chats about how we can retrofit older houses fit for a zero carbon future.


From Astrophysics to Food

The work of Professor Sarah Bridle who decided to “do something” about the climate crisis and write a book “The sustainability of food: without the hot air”. Here she explains how important Physics is to a new green technology.


From go-karts to EV’s 

Dr Marilyn Combe OBE chats about The Blair Project in Manchester and the importance of emissions free transport in the future.