About Us


Melissa Lord taught physics in schools in Trafford, Greater Manchester, for many years and is now a Regional Representative with the Ogden Trust (Making Physics Matter) and a teacher leader in physics with PTI education. She’s a Trustee at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum in Widnes, and is sometimes found doing muddy stuff with local conservation groups.She’s always been keen to show students the links between physics and the world around them, as well as enjoying the contemplative aspects of physics at the extremes – astronomy and particle physics. She’s aimed to involve students in thinking about the role of physics in sustainability, from the scale of our machines and our homes to global energy flow.

Physics is at the heart of understanding how climate change is happening and what the evidence is – this website is about engaging school students and their teachers in the physics-based solutions for a better world. Melissa wants to help to show just how many opportunities there will be for this, both in the way that people live and in the careers that they might pursue.

Phil Furneaux retired from his position as Schools Outreach Officer for the Lancaster Physics Department 3 years ago but was awarded an Honorary Teaching Fellowship to continue with his work as an Institute of Physics Teacher Coach Consultant and collaborate with Physics Department to provide teacher CPD delivered by the academics.

Before that he taught in a comprehensive school in North Cumbria for 30 years as a Physics/ Science teacher.

He is passionate about levelling the “playing field” for school students gaining experience of high level institutions. He has developed a set of “homework questions” where students can experience university type experiments and analyse their results using interactive questions. They can then take this experience to interviews and feel confident to contribute to discussion about extra curricular experiences.

Developing this website is a continuation of that work.