Theme summary: Action! What are we doing about it?

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Theme: Action What are we doing about it? 

Topic: Ambleside to zero project: KS4  (estimated time 20min) 

Web slide set: Ambleside to net zero (13 slides) 

Activity: good class discussion for carbon footprints and how communities can achieve net zero. 

This features the work by Cumbria Action for Sustainability. Project Manager for Low Carbon Communities, Molly Hogg, describes the project (video 3.39). There follows drag and drop summary questions and a calculation of numbers of solar panels needed for a community’s electricity needs. In her second interview (2.00) she explains some issues with home insulation and a third interview (1.15) she explains how the town could gear up for EV charging. Molly explains how the town’s carbon footprint was calculated in the fourth interview (1.50) and there follows questions about how the town can reduce the footprint. 

Great for class discussion on how communities can reach net zero, carbon footprints and has link to the World Wildlife Fund calculator. 

Scorecard / 11 

Topic: Retrofitting homes to lower the carbon footprint (estimated time 15min) 

Activity: This would be good homework when introducing students to thermal energy. 

This features the work by Cumbria Action for Sustainability. Project manager Tina Holt discusses how Cumbrian homes are being retrofitted to reduce their carbon footprint. She discusses the work which needs to be done and the jobs needed to complete the work. Interview videos (2.27) and (4.13). 

Questions on thermal energy transfer and thermal heat recovery. 

Scorecard/ 8 

Topic: From Astrophysics to food 

Activity: good for a starter (10 min max) but lots of interesting links 

Prof Sarah Bridle explains in her interview how important Physics is to the new green technology and how she came to be interested in food from her position as an astrophysicist. 

The questions which follow are a summary drag and drop question and some questions about the carbon footprint of foods. 

Video (2.58) 

Scorecard/ 12