Communicating with children in distress

What is this training about?

This training aims to help improve knowledge and skills around working with young people who are stressed, in distress or who find communication around how they feel difficult.

The aims for this topic include:

  • Learn ways to communicate better with young people around emotional/mental health issues.
  • Learn helpful ways of understanding and responding to challenging situations and conversations, e.g. stress, worry, anger and distress.

This course is delivered as either a two hour online session via Microsoft Teams, or as a full day face-to-face session at Lancaster University/community venue.

What have previous attendees said about this training?

“We covered practical, hands on exercises which could be used in school, and theoretical information of how to approach people’s anger, anxiety, or upset”

“Very thought provoking and helpful.  It made me analyse the way I listen and reflect on how I would improve timing/settings of conversations, and the power of relationships & personal resources.”

When is this training happening, and how do I book a place on this course?

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