Staff Wellbeing and Reflective Practice

Research has shown that teaching is one of the most stressful professions in the UK, as well as showing that good staff wellbeing is directly related to good pupil wellbeing. We are therefore keen to support schools in ways to improve and maintain good staff emotional health.

We offer a full day face-to-face training sessions for senior staff or mental health leads that focus on understanding and supporting good emotional well being for staff. The session aims to provide you with ideas and models for understanding the factors relating to wellbeing in your setting, as well as offering ideas and activities that you can take back and discuss with your team, in order for you to work together in your setting to develop processes and a policy for supporting wellbeing. We aim to deliver this training session once per term through the school year.

Following attendance at this session we also offer the opportunity to come to regular peer support sessions with people from other schools who have completed the training. The aims of these sessions are to provide space to come together to discuss good practice, successes and challenges in implementing your ideas for supporting wellbeing in your setting.

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