We offer a comprehensive core training programme for school and college staff on a range of topics relating to children’s mental health. All our courses have been developed with education staff in mind, with the content designed in response to needs of staff in a range of settings.

Our training aims to help staff understand key needs and issues in relation to children’s mental health, and increase their skills and confidence in supporting children within their school or college role.

We deliver 2-3 training sessions online weekly, each session lasting either two or three hours.

We also deliver training face-to-face for a full day every three weeks.

Please click here for our Autumn Term 2021 online training programme


E-Learning Packages

We understand that taking time out of busy work schedules for training can be difficult. We have therefore adapated most of our core training programme into e-learning modules that you can view at any time.

More information on our e-learning can be found here.

If you would prefer to access our training content this way, please email us on for access.