Consultation and Advice

We offer online consultation and discussion sessions with members of the LEHSS team each week. During these sessions you can talk to us about issues relating to children’s mental health (either for individual children or at a group or whole school level), and about how you can put ideas from our training into practice to support children and young people.

Our consultation sessions aim to take the learning from our training and apply it to current pupils or situations that school staff are having difficulties with.  We provide a space to understand why the difficulty is happening, and think of ways to improve the situation.  For example, this could be a difficulty with a child who is disruptive in school, a child with severe anxiety, or a child who is low in mood.

Consultation sessions take the form of a 30 minute one-to-one meeting with a member of the LEHSS team via Microsoft Teams. The sessions will adhere to strict confidentiality procedures.

There is no limit to the number of sessions you can attend, and we will discuss during the meeting whether the option of a follow-up meeting would be helpful to you.

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What have people said about our consultation meetings?

“The meeting helped me to consider different perspectives and approaches to issues that I hadn’t thought about before. It also built my confidence in the work I am already doing. I really appreciated the time and knowledge shared”

“It was helpful to speak to a highly qualified professional, who could discuss the situation, strategies in place and next steps”.

“Great service – easy to talk to and useful next steps.”