Understanding Attachment and Building Better Relationships

This training will help you learn how to better understand pupils’ behavior, relationships and emotions through using an understanding of attachment theory.

Aims for this topic

An introduction to attachment theory, and how to work in an attachment-informed way


Learn how attachment influences relationships and behaviour across the life-span, and how this can present in schools


Learn ways to use attachment theory practically in interventions with children and their families, to help pupils develop better relationships and engage better with school life

When is this training happening, and how do I book a place on this course?

This training course is delivered as a two hour online session via Microsoft Teams and as a full day face-to-face workshop at Lancaster University/community venue.

what have previous attendees said about this training?

It helped me get a better awareness of how a pupil might respond in some situations, and why. It will definitely change our approach to some issues as a result.



I learnt a lot about influences of attachment on behaviour and understanding different attachment styles. Coming to the training helped me think about strategies to support pupils and how to inform parents & colleagues.



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