Promoting Resilience

What is this training about?

This training session will help you to understand resilience in children and young people.

The aims for this topic include:

  • Learn about assessing risk and vulnerability, including the impact of life events, Adverse Childhood Experiences, as well as strengths and skills.
  • To introduce a model of resiliency skills and discuss how resilience, confidence and self-esteem can be promoted at an individual and a whole school level.

This training is delivered as a two hour online session via Microsoft Teams, and as part of the full day face-to-face workshop on Understanding Mental Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

What have previous attendees said about this training?

“The 6 domains of resilience were very helpful in assisting us with a more holistic approach. Also talking about resilience and anxiety etc head on, to de-mystify. Great advice which I will follow, thank you.”

“It will make me more aware of the imporatance of stopping and thinking about what could be causing difficult behaviour and supporting the child in different ways.”

When is this training happening, and how do I book a place on this course?

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