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2021 Organising Committee

Frequently asked questions 


Q: Is there a participation fee?

A: There is no fee, this is a free conference.


Q: What kind of abstract can I submit?

A: So long as the abstract has not been published or presented at another conference, you can present any linguistic work you have done as a postgraduate student. If you want to get an idea of what has been presented at previous conferences, have a look at papers from LAEL PG


Q: If I present a poster, will I get a chance to talk to people about it?

A: The posters will be made available for people to comment on and you can respond in writing, but we are also working on solutions so that any participants would be able to ‘meet’ during the conference. We can’t yet promise that, but you can always contact people and suggest a call to exchange research ideas or answer questions about a poster in more detail.


Q: If I am an MA-student, is it best to submit for a poster session?

A: Any postgrad student can submit for either a poster or talk.


Q: Is it possible to submit my abstract even if I still have no results, because I haven’t done any pilot studies or data collection yet?

A: Yes, we welcome abstracts for work in progress.


Q: Is it possible to submit an abstract for work that is being done with a partner, and what if the partner is not from the same university?

A: You are welcome to submit either a single-authored paper or a joined-authored paper. Regarding the second option,  authors do not have to be in the same institution as long as they are both PG students.