Call for Papers

The 17th annual Lancaster Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference will be held on the 30th of June 2023. We intend to hold this year’s LAEL PG conference in person. We are happy to invite Abstracts that fit in with the theme of this year’s conference: The Changing Face of Applied Linguistics.

MA and PhD students are invited to submit abstracts on linguistic research, the focus of the conference is to demonstrate how the field of Applied Linguistics is changing and evolving in response to emerging trends and challenges. We encourage submissions that highlight innovative research methods, cutting-edge technologies, and novel approaches to language teaching and testing. The following panels have been proposed and you may address your abstract to any one of these. If your abstract does not fit one, please submit it anyway. Whilst we believe these panel themes are inclusive of the majority of disciplines and specialisations, we are happy to consider abstracts on topics not listed below.

  • L2 teaching & testing
  • computational & corpus linguistics
  • pragmatics
  • linguistics & social matters
  • phonetics & phonology

Abstract submission: Closed

Abstract submissions are to be made in .docx format to the following email addresses:


Proposal Requirements

  • Word limit for submissions: 300 words excluding references
  • Title word limit:15 words
  • Clearly mention: Objectives or /Purpose of the study, Research Methodology (type of research design, data collection, data analysis), Main results or Preliminary findings, Main conclusion/s 
  • Quality of writing: abstract should be clearly written, well organised with a professional style

Abstracts that do not contain these guidelines will not be considered for blind peer review.

When submitting an abstract, you may choose to apply for a poster presentation or a longer talk.

  • Posters can be in either portrait or landscape orientation and will be on display for around 45 minutes.
  • Talks should be 20 minutes long and will be followed by a 10 minute Q&A.


Travel Bursary

Travel Burssary