BIOL211- Module Overview – Roisin Weaver

Lecture breakdown BIOL211: Cell Biology is one of the compulsory modules you will do in the first term of your second year if you are doing Biomedicine, Biomedical Science, Biochemistry and other BLS-based degrees. Based on when I completed this module (18/19), the structure could be divided into 5 sub-topics which were covered across the Read more about BIOL211- Module Overview – Roisin Weaver[…]

The Microcosm Beneath our Feet

It happens to all of us. There’s a piece of coursework, or maybe even several, that you REALLY do not want to do. You keep putting it off – “ah I’ve got two weeks to do it, that’s ages!” or “meh, I’ll do it the weekend”. Then comes Saturday afternoon, you’re exhausted from the week, Read more about The Microcosm Beneath our Feet[…]