My Dissertation Experience – Hannah Rudd

Supervisor and project title: Professor Ian Dodd – Do root hairs affect the physiological response of barley (Hordeum vulgare ) in drying soil? Why I chose this topic… To be quite honest, I didn’t. Unfortunately, for my research project, we were required to rank four topics in order of what we’d most like to do. Read more about My Dissertation Experience – Hannah Rudd[…]

Second-Year Module Review: LEC242 Principles of Biodiversity Conservation

It is without a doubt that LEC242 was one of my favourite modules during second-year. As someone who wishes to pursue a career within this field, naturally I am a little bit biased. Not only would I recommend this module for people who have a keen interest in ecology and conservation, but also for those Read more about Second-Year Module Review: LEC242 Principles of Biodiversity Conservation[…]

The Microcosm Beneath our Feet

It happens to all of us. There’s a piece of coursework, or maybe even several, that you REALLY do not want to do. You keep putting it off – “ah I’ve got two weeks to do it, that’s ages!” or “meh, I’ll do it the weekend”. Then comes Saturday afternoon, you’re exhausted from the week, Read more about The Microcosm Beneath our Feet[…]