My dissertation experience – Rebecca Chatwin

Supervisor and project title: Jackie Parry, ‘Interkingdom signalling between Saccamoeba limax and Chromobacterium violaceum’   Why I chose this topic I always found the interaction between molecules very interesting. The mechanisms of disease in the human body, in particular, has always piqued my interest and so this project gave me a way of investigating a topic Read more about My dissertation experience – Rebecca Chatwin[…]

What exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease? – Thora Paul

What exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease?   The History   Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia which is irreversible and induces progressive deterioration of neurones in the brain. Named after Alois Alzheimer a German Physiatrist who first described its symptoms in 1901, after realising his patient, 51-year-old female, Auguste Deter’s progressive mental deterioration. Her autopsy revealed Read more about What exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease? – Thora Paul[…]