Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School

As part of the Lancaster Season of Shakespeare Professor Alison Findlay has given a set of brilliant lunchtime lectures at The Dukes, Lancaster. The lectures on Shakespeare and Love and Shakespeare’s language (co-authored by Alison Findlay and Jonathan Culpeper) have received great feedback from Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School teacher, Alison Strachan:

“I just wanted to say what a genuine pleasure your lecture on Saturday was…really fascinating to travel so freely through his works in the company of such an expert as yourself. Many thanks for this thoroughly enjoyable experience. I’m sure the students who were there will also have many positive things to say”.
“Thank you both so much for the highly enjoyable lunchtime lecture today; it was completely fascinating. Very intriguing to see that the software threw up the specific words and phrases that it did and the potential for research thus suggested. A real treat – thanks again”.

These brilliant responses coincide with a very successful workshop at the Girl’s Grammar School run by Dr Liz Oakley-Brown (Lancaster University) accompanied by PhD student Rachel White. Upon reflection, Alison Strachan reviewed the workshop as ‘terrific‘ informing us that:

‘the girls really liked the way they were being made to think and respond to the texts, as the quality of their responses certainly indicated […] On behalf of the department, I would like to thank you for this most worthwhile and stimulating workshop’.
It is fantastic to receive such enthusiastic responses from schools: the workshops are proving to be a great success and the thought-provoking interaction with the students is making everyone’s efforts worthwhile!