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Welcome to our comprehensive resource hub, designed to support parents like you in your important role. Explore the links below for LEHSS videos, written information, and external services related to children’s mental health. These resources are here to assist you in your journey of nurturing and raising resilient children.

Discover a wealth of valuable resources dedicated to children’s mental health. Explore the links provided to access a range of external services and in-depth information on various issues concerning the well-being of children. These resources are aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and assistance needed to navigate the complexities of children’s mental health with confidence.

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The Lancashire Emotional Health in Schools and Colleges service is dedicated to promoting mental and emotional well-being among students and staff in educational institutions across Lancashire. Our team of experienced professionals, work collaboratively to provide comprehensive support.


By partnering with schools and colleges, we seek to create a positive ripple effect that not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a healthier, more vibrant Lancashire community.