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We know that an important way in which schools and colleges can support pupils is by working together with parents and carers, and sharing information about how they can help support and promote good mental health for their children.

To help schools and colleges with this, we have begun to develop a range of video and written resources that take some of the key ideas from our schools training and present them in ways that parents and carers can use at home. 

We hope that you will find the resources below helpful and will share them widely in your school community. We would love to hear feedback and what you and your parents and carers think.

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The video below features Stacey from our team talking through some ways in which we can better understand mental health in ourselves and our children, and what kinds of things affect our mental health.

Understanding anxiety in children and young people
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In the video below, Lucy from our team talks about stress and anxiety, what it is and why it happens to us and your children. We hope this will help you to better understand why your child gets anxious sometimes, and what is happening to them at these times. The video finishes with some ideas for good ways to support your child when they are feeling anxious.

Good communication with children and young people
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In the next video, Lucy talks about the importance of good communication, and how communicating well with our children can help to support their mental health and wellbeing. She outlines some ideas for good communication about feelings and emotions, as well as what to try when communicating can be hard, for example when our children are upset or angry.

Promoting Resilience
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The video below features Anna from our team outlining what resilience and resiliency skills are, and talking through a model of resilience and how parents could improve resiliency skills in their child.

We have also created a comprehensive handout to accompany the video, which delves into a range of crucial topics that parents and carers can use as a secure base for supporting their child’s growth and development. This handout offers ‘top tips’ and insights on various aspects, including resilience, fostering a secure base for education and learning, nurturing friendships, and other essential areas that play a significant role in a child’s well-rounded development.

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