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Who are we and what we do

Lancashire Emotional Health in Schools and Colleges is commissioned and funded by Lancashire County Council to provide training and support to school and college staff on a range of topics relating to children’s mental health.

We are based at Lancaster University, and all of our training team are Clinical Psychologists. We have extensive experience working in NHS mental health services, and working collaboratively with schools, and we are professional trainers. All staff are registered with the Health and Social Care Professions Council.

Dr.Richard Slinger

Clinical psychologist and Service Lead

Dr.Petra Gwilliam

Clinical psychologist

Kate Swift

Administrative Assistant

Dr.Emma Williamson

Clinical Psychologist

Our work aims to help school and college staff to better support the emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people. Through training and support schools will feel more confident to both understand and manage children’s emotional health difficulties, leading to improvements in their mental health and reduced need for specialist services. We also offer support for school leads on staff wellbeing, and deliver a comprehensive programme designed to help schools and colleges establish processes for supporting the wellbeing of staff, which includes training and facilitated peer support meetings.

Our training is delivered as a mix of online sessions (via Microsoft Teams) and face-to-face sessions held at our brand new training room in the Health Innovation One building at Lancaster University.

All our work is free of charge to schools and colleges in the LCC footprint.

Our impact

Schools and colleges have been our collaboration partners
Training sessions have been delivered to school and college staff
Attendees have participated in our training sessions
Staff members have been engaged in individual consultations
These are from school staff

Following coming to your training I have made some progress in my work with children. It has helped us have the confidence to provide appropriate support where needed, and the ability to listen and communicate with them. This has a positive impact on the children I work with.



I found the training materials used and sent to me were very useful and high quality. The sessions were relevant and presented in an informative, friendly yet professional manner. In my role I have found the information very useful and also useful when reporting back to agencies about certain children.



All staff are now more comfortable talking about mental health, and feel more able to deal with students as they have a better understanding of the reasons for their behaviour.



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The Lancashire Emotional Health in Schools and Colleges service is dedicated to promoting mental and emotional well-being among students and staff in educational institutions across Lancashire. Our team of experienced professionals, work collaboratively to provide comprehensive support.


By partnering with schools and colleges, we seek to create a positive ripple effect that not only benefits individuals but also contributes to a healthier, more vibrant Lancashire community.