There are currently 2 opportunities to the group of Sam Taylor for either a PhD or MRes project.

The PhD project is a fully funded place looking at wheat crop canopies, photosynthesis, physiology, and modelling.
Details, eligibility and application process are described here.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Sam about the project and their fit to it.
Please also carefully check you are eligible for this funded place, importantly, please be aware that “UK home” students can include people without UK citizenship, but you need to meet some rules for residency status.

Review of applications will start 25th August, with the successful candidate ideally able to start October 2023.


The MRes place is looking at the potential of solar-tracking photovoltaics to help plants within agrivoltaics systems.
Please check the details described here. This is a tuition-only place, and doesn’t come with a stipend.