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Using more ethically sourced reagents in plant science

As part of continually looking at how we do our research from an ethical and sustainablity perspective, we’ve recently begun using new technology to generate antibodies against our favourite proteins like Rubisco Activase.

This was part of a recently published book chapter by Elizabete and alumni Duncan, to generate very specific antibodies for our work that didn’t previously exist.

You can read more in this news article from the department:

New publications

Congrats to several team members for 2 recent publications.

Elizabete and team alumnus Emmanuel, along with a group of colleagues including others at LEC  were involved in a wide ranging study of soybean in Europe, now out in Scientific Reports.
Available online here:

Alejandro, who is now leading his own group at UCLAN, has also recently published work with Elizabete on using virus-induced gene silencing to reduce Rubisco Activase expression in wheat, now online and available here:

Congrats and well done to everyone involved!


New postdoc position available with Elizabete

Applications have just opened for a Plant Physiologist postdoc role working with Elizabete as part of the BBSRC Institute Strategic Programme Delivering Sustainable Wheat. This project aims to decipher the mechanistic regulation of Rubisco synthesis and degradation and how this process impacts photosynthetic efficiency and nitrogen use efficiency in wheat. The wider project goal is to contribute to optimising the wheat canopy function and interactions between source and sink.

Further details are on the Lancaster University website here:

Informal enquiries to Elizabete are welcome, but all applications must be submitted via the portal linked above.


MSCA Fellowship success for Carmen!

Super exciting times with the news that Carmen’s MSCA Fellowship has been selected for funding by the European Commission!

Her project will study epidermis and mesophyll development coordination in Arabidopsis, and be hosted in Elizabete’s group.

Massive congratulations to Carmen for all the hard work that went into it, and looking forward to seeing the cool results in the coming years!

A big welcome to MSci students!

A slightly delayed welcome to 4 new Masters students starting across the group for this academic year.
An extra busy time in the labs which is great to see.

Matthew has joined Marj’s group working on C2 photosynthesis engineering alongside Tamara.
Anna is working on CCM engineering with Doug and Álvaro.
Nat is looking at characterising Rubisco inhibition with Doug and Connor.
And Jess is contributing to microcompartment studies with Doug and Julia.

Welcome everyone!

[closed] *3* new PhD opportunities!

NWBio applications for 2024 entry are now closed.

Exciting news as we have 3 new PhD project opportunities advertised via the North West Bio DTP program.

There are projects with Elizabete, Marj, and Sam. These projects are intended to be Lancaster-based, but with strong links to partner institutions and the opportunity to spend at least some of the time working with co-supervisors based at these partner institutions.

Elizabete’s project is around Rubisco activase and thermal tolerance using biochemical, structural, and computational approaches, full details here: ENGINEERING PLANT RUBISCO ACTIVASE FOR THERMAL TOLERANCE



Marj’s project is contributing to ongoing work looking at engineering C2 photosynthesis into C3 plants using a synthetic biology approach. Full details here: RECREATING COMPONENTS OF C2 PHOTOSYNTHESIS IN ARABIDOPSIS



Sam’s project is looking at Barley and how it might cope with stress under future high CO2 conditions, using a range of techniques including physiology, you can find more details here: TOMORROW NEVER DIES: WILL A HIGH CO2 WORLD MEAN LESS STRESS FOR BARLEY?



For full details including eligibility and the application process please see the website for the North West Bio DTP.
Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the project supervisors before applying.
Applications close on 9th February 2024.

New PhD opportunity with Marj on C2!

Looking for an exciting PhD opportunity in photosynthesis?

Just advertised in a project working with Marj on C2 photosynthesis and grasses.

This is via the Envision Doctoral Training Programme led by Lancaster.
Full details in including eligibility and how to apply can be found here:

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Marj ahead of the deadline if they want to learn more.

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