Prof. Martin Parry

Prof. Elizabete Carmo-Silva

 Prof. Steve Long, FRS

Dr. Marjorie Lundgren



Martin Parry is a Professor of Plant Sciences for Food Security at LEC since 2015.

Martin provides strategic leadership of plant science research to facilitate the development of globally relevant and accessible food systems. He is also an Honorary Scientist at Rothamsted Research and a Visiting Professor at North West A&F University, China.

Steve Long, FRS, is a Distinguished Professor of Crop Sciences at LEC since 2016.   @LongLab

Steve is a Fellow of the Royal Society and has a dual appointment at Lancaster University and the University of Illinois. His expertise in crop photosynthesis spans from molecular and in silico design to analysis of performance in the field.

Elizabete Carmo-Silva is a Professor in Crop Physiology, at LEC since 2015.   @ecarmosilva

Elizabete’s research on photosynthesis aims to understand plant responses to the surrounding environment and to increase crop yields. She is particularly fascinated by the regulation of Rubisco by its catalytic chaperone, Rubisco activase.

Marjorie Lundgren is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Research Fellow in Plant Environmental Physiology. @Marj_Lundgren

Marjorie joined LEC in October 2018 as a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow. Her research focuses on the ecology and evolution of photosynthetic sub-types, primarily C2 photosynthesis and intermediate C3-C4 plants. She aims to better understand these interesting and important plants. You can find more info on the Lundgren Lab website.