Dr Joana Amaral, Research Associate

Joana is a  Physiologist and -omics specialist who has joined the team to work on the CAPITALISE project, to improve productivity and sustainability of maize, tomato and barley yields.


Dr Waqas Khokhar, Research Associate   @waqaskhokhar999

Waqas is a bioinformatician. He aims to use his diverse programming experience in designing, processing, and analyzing biological data to contribute to develop more resilient and productive varieties of cowpea and soybean.

Dr Ana Karla Moreira Lobo, Senior Research Associate

Ana is a Biochemist and Physiologist who has just joined to work on the PhotoBoost project to improve potato and rice!


Dr Doug Orr, Research Fellow   @scidoug

Doug is interested in improving plant CO2 assimilation through better understanding of Rubisco. He is also working on incorporation of a cyanobacterial carbon concentrating mechanism into plants.

Dr Mike Page, Senior Research Associate   @mikeTpage

Mike is a plant molecular biologist. He is interested in the response of plants to the environment and likes to develop methods for engineering improvements in photosynthetic efficiency to increase crop yields.

Dr Rhiannon Page, Research Associate, Research Assistant   @MrsRhiPage

Rhiannon’s research aim is to develop crop plants that will deliver higher yields and contribute to global food security. She is testing new approaches to improve photosynthetic efficiency.

Dr Ingrid Robertson, Research Assistant

Ingrid is a plant physiologist research technician. She is measuring cowpea’s physiological responses to light and shade as a means to increase the photosynthetic efficiency of this important crop for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Samuel Taylor, Senior Research Associate

Sam is an environmental physiologist interested in consequences of leaf carbon and water exchange for plant performance. He is expert in analysis of plant growth, water relations & photosynthesis, and manages LEC’s LI-COR photosynthesis systems.

Dr Supreeta Vijaykumar, Senior Research Associate

Supreeta is a computational and systems biologist. She is developing new approaches for computational modelling of plant metabolism at the genome scale, with the aim of predicting pathway modifications to improve photosynthetic performance and productivity in potatoes and rice.

Dr Dawn Worrall, Research Associate, Research Assistant

Dawn has been working at LEC for a number of years; her research has covered plant biotic and abiotic stress, and more recently photosynthesis improvement. She strives to inspire the next generation of plant scientists through diverse outreach activities.

Lisa Stout, Lab Technician

Lisa is our lab technician, ensuring the lab runs smoothly and assisting with a (growing!) list of tasks to help us do great science.