Fay Biney, PhD student

Fay’s research focus is to identify photosynthetic efficient traits of cowpea to improve its productivity and climate resilience. She is working with Elizabete and Sam.


Alvaro Herrera Seller, PhD student

Alvaro is researching the engineering of a plant-based carboxysome in order to increase the local concentration of carbon around Rubisco, enhance the carbon fixation rate, with the aim of improving plant growth. His project is funded by LEC working with Doug and Marj.

Julia Monserrat Relano, PhD student

Julia is dedicated to explore the potential of bacterial microcompartments as innovative platforms for sustainable biotechnology, with the goal of utilising those microcompartments to develop biofactories. Her project is funded by NorthWestBio DTP working with Doug and Leighton Pritchard (University of Strathclyde)


Connor Nehls, PhD student

Connor is investigating the inhibition and regulation of Rubisco so as to better understand ways to improve efficiencies in crop yields and carbon fixation. His project is part of the RIPE Project with supervision by Elizabete and Doug.

Haixia Yu, PhD student

Haixia’s research focus is the connection between Rubisco and leaf hydraulic limitations on photosynthesis of crop plants under abiotic stress, to understand the complex mechanism of plant physiology of crop plants. Her project is funded by LEC and China scholarship Council, supervised by Sam and Elizabete.



For more information about the postgrad students working on exciting projects on things C2, C4 and others with Marjorie Lundgren, please check out the Lundgren lab website!