Louis Caruana, PhD student @Louis_Caruana

Louis is interested in how genetic engineering can be used to increase plant productivity. He enjoys learning new things all the time and exploring ways in which plant sciences can contribute to a better world. After his MSc and Research Assistant time with the team he began a PhD with Elizabete and Binoy Sarkar.

Duncan Bloemers, PhD student

Duncan is a PhD student at LEC whose research focuses on the natural diversity of Rubisco activase, the catalytic chaperone of Rubisco.


Sophie Young, PhD student

Sophie is interested in plant ecophysiology, specifically C4 photosynthesis. She is currently investigating why C4 photosynthesis is so rare in trees, and looking at the physiology of the only known C4 trees, found in the Hawaiian Euphorbia, through a PhD project funded by the Envision DTP with Marjorie Lundgren.