September 26, 2016


DisTex logoBased in the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University, the Discourse and Text Research Group (DisTex) brings together researchers interested in how meaning is made in different contexts, modes and genres of communication. Our research addresses social, historical, cognitive and interactional dimensions of meaning in text and discourse.  In particular, our research falls in the following areas:

Pragmatics – politeness/impoliteness, historical pragmatics

Stylistics – cognitive stylistics, corpus stylistics, mind style in fiction

Critical discourse studies (CDS) – cognitive CDS, corpus CDS, multimodal and digitally mediated CDS, language policy and ideology

Medical humanities/health communication – mental illness in fictional and non-fictional narratives, figurative language and chronic pain; metaphor and cancer; metaphor and end-of-life care

Language, Gender and Sexuality – intersection of gender and sexuality with other identities, representation of those identity groups and language use by such identity groups

DisTex is a large research group. It has links with a number of other research groups which focus on specific areas of language use, including the Language, Ideology and Power group and the Forensic Linguistics Research Group.