Programme 2019-20

TERM 1 – all talks Mondays 2-3pm

21st October

County South B59

Dima Atanasova (Lancaster University)

“Journeys toward a green lifestyle”: Metaphors in green living blogs

4th November

County South B59

Veronika Koller (Lancaster University)

Trapped, shackled and bound: restraint metaphors in parliamentary debates on Brexit

18th November

County South B59

Chris Hart (Lancaster University)

“28 Palestinians died”: A Cognitive Grammar analysis of mystification in press coverage of state violence on the Gaza border

2nd December

**County South C89**

Marcello Giovanelli (Aston University)

(Re)-construal and the experience of war in the writings of Siegfried Sassoon



TERM 2 – all talks Mondays 2-3pm

27th January

County South B59

Hazel Price (University of Huddersfield)

‘Suffering’ from mental health: The shifting semantics of mentalillness.

10th February

County South B59

Sebastian Muth (Lancaster University)

Language, medical tourism and the enterprising self

24th February

County South B59

Pernille Bogo Jorgensen (Lancaster University)

Metaphors in discourses surrounding menopause: stigma, struggle and support – a corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis

9th March

County South B59

Alfonso Del Percio (University College London)

Division and multiplication: Language, migration and the politics of labour

16th March

**County South C89**

Terry McDonough

Using Embodied Construction Grammar to describe local coherence effects.