Programme 2018-19

TERM 1 – all talks Mondays 2-3pm


8th October

County South C89

Elisabeth El Refaie (University of Cardiff)

Challenging the medical gaze through visual metaphor in graphic cancer narratives
22nd October

County South C89

Sara Vilar-Lluch (University of East Anglia)
Inattention as ‘absence’ and ‘not being here’. Examination
of the linguistic representation of the ADHD symptom of inattention in psychiatric and family discourses
5th November

County South C89

Joanna Gavins (University of Sheffield)

Linguistic creativity in the discourse of National Trust holiday cottage guestbooks

19th November

**County South B59**

Veronika Koller (Lancaster University)

Talking about Brexit: Voices from before and after the referendum

3rd December

County South C89

Chris Hart (Lancaster University)

What can Cognitive Linguistics tell us about text-image relations with a focus on intersemiotic parallelism


TERM 2 – all talks Mondays 2-3pm

14th January

County South B59

Sebastian Muth (Lancaster University)

Capitalizing on ‘diversity’: Professionalization and precarity in medical interpreting in Switzerland
28th January

County South B59

Dan McIntyre (University of Huddersfield)

Stylistics and Subtitling

11th February

County South B59

Matt Davies (University of Chester)

TERRORISED BY UNION BULLIES’: The discursive misrepresentation of strike action as inherently violent, in the UK press
25th February

County South B59

Elena Semino (Lancaster University)

Language in first-person accounts of schizophrenia: From mind style to clinical relevance
11th March

County South B59

Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University)

Identity in Pragmatics