Research Students

Current Research Students



Rakan Alibri: Discourses of threats to life in the British press

Pernille Bogo Jorgensen: Representations of women undergoing menopause: a corpus-assisted discourse analysis

Makarena Julios Costa: Discourse and discrimination. An experimental CDA study of the impact of (de)essentialising media discourses on social attitudes and intergroup bias

Ahmed Elgadri: (Im)politeness, moral order and Islam in the context of Libya

Eleanor Field: Metaphor and trans lives experiences on Reddit

Victoria Hillier-Extance: Parental mental health and educational attainment: A study of children’s interpretative repertoires

Noha Kader: A critical discourse analysis of the representation of Islamists in Egyptian, American and British newspapers: A corpus-based study

Danyang Li: Cross-cultural differences in the interpretation and effects of metaphors relating to Covid-19

Sijia Li (Scarlett): Representations of domestic violence in China

Shengnan Liu: Mock impoliteness in Chinese public discourse – The case of a Chinese online talk show Roast!

Terry McDonough: Embodied Construction Grammar and the problem of discourse coherence

Evelin Nikolova: The construction of sexual harassment in the workplace: A discourse analysis of women victims’ narratives

Sophie Pastukhova: Legitimation in Russian official discourse justifying the war on Ukraine

Tasneem Solie: Metaphor in the narratives of Syrian refugees in the UK

Steve Strudwick: Experimental methods in critical discourse analysis

Hikaru Suzuki: Cognitive linguistic approach to multimodality in TV news

Mark Wilkinson: Diachronic Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis of representation of gay identities in The Times



Recently Completed Research Students


Arezoo Adibeik: The construction of ethnic identities in comic books: Analysing the representation of Self and Others in The Adventures of Tintin

Afrah Ali: Student-faculty emails – An examination of politeness in Bahraini college students’ emails

Shrouq al-Maghlouth: A critical discourse analysis of social change in women-related posts on Saudi English-language blogs posted between 2009 and 2012

Dheyaa Al-Fatlawi: The Perception of Iraqi EFL Learners of Online British English Sarcasm: A Cross–sectional Study of Learners in Iraq and the UK

James Balfour: Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis of representations of schizophrenia in the British national press

Miranda Barty-Taylor: Media representations of female Scottish politicians and young people’s reactions

Huey Fen Cheong: Mediating metrosexuality through L’Oréal Men Expert’s facebook brand pages: A comparison of Western and Asian Cultures

Rania ElNakkouzi: Legitimating past actions through strategic maneuvering: A framework for integrating DHA and pragma-dialectics

Craig Evans: Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis of responses to patient feedback on the NHS Choices website

Frazer Heritage: Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis of gender representation in computer games

Jeremy Holland: Mental models in manifesto texts: The case of students for a democratic society

Alexandra Krendel: Analysing the linguistic features of misogyny as hate speech

Susanne Kopf: Representations and discussions of the European Union on Wikipedia

Javier Marmol Queralto: Representations of the ‘refugee crisis’ in British and Spanish newspapers: A multimodal cognitive linguistic analysis

Lina Mourad Sakr: Impoliteness in the British and Lebanese adult comics of the early 21st century

Anne Murphy: The dynamics of difference in multi-national corporations

Elena Nichele: How do businesses exploit the “nationality” of their goods/services? The concept of authenticity for Italian food businesses in the UK

Lindsay Nickels: The issue of ‘impairment’: An analysis of diverging discourses used to represent the d/Deaf population in America

Sam Oliver: (Im)polite language and metalanguage in Shakespeare’s plays

Naoko Osuka: Pragmatic development of Japanese learners of English in the study abroad context

Kevin Pat: Politeness in English WhatsApp text messaging during university group projects in Hong Kong: An application and evaluation of Leech’s politeness theory

Chipo Phili: Gender representations in The Voice newspaper’s ‘Conversations from a combi’ cartoon column

Farah Sabbah: Interactivity and the ideal reader in news reports on Arab English-language websites

Daniela Silva Paredes: Corpus Assisted Discourse Analysis of representations of homosexuality in Chilean religious texts and political debates

Lexi Webster: Self-constructed transgender identities: A corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis of public social media practices

Xiaoxi Wu:  Earnings conference calls as a medium in financial communication 

Zhongyi Xu: Modality and evidentiality in political discourse: A cognitive-functional account

Hoi Man Yu: Representations of unmarried women in the Hong Kong reality television series Bride Wannabes

Enaliza Zaman: The positioning of English language, pedagogy, and teachers within the Malaysia education blueprint 2013-2025 – A CDS perspective