Current and previous PhD students

Current Projects

Austere alternatives? An exploration of the politics of ‘alternative’ food in the age of austerity

Jonathan Beacham (supervised by Anne Cronin and Bron Szerszynski) explores the politics of ‘alternative’ food in a context of economic austerity.

The plans, practices and politics of evacuation and recovery in Fukushima, Japan, and Chernobyl, Ukraine: an STS approach

Louise Elstow (supervised by Claire Waterton) explores issues around evacuation and resettlement following nuclear incidents, using an STS approach.

Global Industrial Metabolism and E-Waste Dumping in the Agbobloshie suburb of Accra, Ghana – A Marxian Ecological Economics Approach

Davor Mujezinovic (supervised by Michael Krätke and Bronislaw Szerszynski) seeks to investigate the phenomena of e-waste through a case-study of the dump-site Agbobloshie near Accra in Ghana.

Learning to manage Bovine Tuberculosis: Bringing together the understandings of vets, farmers, local communities and the policy process

Jess Phoenix (supervised by Claire Waterton) explores local understandings of bTB and combine these with government officials’ and scientific advisors’ understandings of the policy process.

The technopolitics in the sociotechnical system of energy of Taiwan

Claude Yang (supervised by Bronislaw Szerszynski) explores the key aspects of modernity and socio-technological system of energy in Taiwan, stressing the legacy of developmental state and high modernism in the post-war Taiwan as it is still fostering the regime of energy in Taiwanese society today.

Affective planning for environmental change: participation and innovation in neighbourhhods, catchments and natural areas

Andy Yuille (supervised by Claire Waterton) looks at innovative forms of participatory planning for environmental change, focusing on neighbourhood planning, a form of small-scale, community-led land use planning introduced to England by the Localism Act 2011.

Bronislaw Szerszynski

Katerina Psarikidou (2012) – Co-supervised by Larry Busch
Re-imagining sustainable agro-food futures: alternative (bio)economies in a knowledge society era

John Leah (2011) – Co-supervised by Christine Milligan
The wellbeing benefits of contact with nature and green spaces

Huei Chung Hsiao (2011) – Supervised by Claire Waterton
Becoming indigenous: the making of the politics of nature and indigeneity in two Atayal villages of Taiwan

Tom Roberts (2010) – Co-supervised by Brian Wynne
Tales of power: public and policy narratives on the climate and energy crisis

Nina Moeller (2010) – Co-supervised by Paul Oldham
The protection of traditional knowledge in the Ecuadorian Amazon: a critical ethnography of capital expansion

Alejandro Torres Abreu (2009) – Co-supervised by Will Medd
The political ecology of demand: managing water stress in Puerto Rico

Brian Wynne

Heather Walmsley (2010)
“Witnessing Genomics…”

Tom Roberts (2010)- Co-supervised by Bron Szerszynski
Tales of power: public and policy narratives on the climate and energy crisis

Claire Waterton

Enieke-Akpo Anesah (Current) – Co-supervised by Saskia Vermeylen
PhD on Destruction of the Ecological Self – Ethnographic Explanation in the Niger Delta.

Niklas Hartmann (Current) – Co-supervised by Rebecca Ellis
PhD on Ecosystem Services? studying how a concept transforms ecological theory, research practice and human-environment relations.

Joel Hacking (Current) – Co-supervised by Mark Toogood, UCLAN
PhD on The Future of Natural History Societies in England

Derla Sanchez-Vargas (Current) – Co-supervised by Brian Bloomfield
PhD on Columbian Coffee and Certification for Sustainability

Gemma Maltese (2013) – Co-supervised by Giap Parini, University of Calabria, and Brian Wynne) Science and power in the crisis of the European Knowledge Society. Comparing Italy and Great Britain for the case of the GMO controversy.

Huei Chung Hsiao (2011) – Co-supervised by Bron Szerszynski
Becoming indigenous: the making of the politics of nature and indigeneity in two Atayal villages of Taiwan

David Tyfield

Li Jianmin (Current) – Co-supervised by Prof Michael Kraetke
Corporate governance in China

Stephen Jackson (Current)  – Co-supervised by Prof Tim Dant
Rhetorics and scandal regarding climate change

Chen Liu (Current) – Co-supervised by Prof Andrew Sayer
Return migration and guanxi in China

Jihoon Park (Current) – Co-supervised by Prof Bob Jessop
Production, Money and Capital: A Genealogical and Philosophical Analysis on Capital in Modern Theories of Economics, Political Economy and Economic Sociology