Luciana Mendes Barbosa

Luciana is a human geographer whose research specializes in the politics of climate change, socio-environmental conflicts and development projects in the Global South.

Catherine Oliver

Catherine is a social geographer interested in more-than-human geography and urban studies. At Lancaster, I am teaching and researching the Sociology of Climate Change.

Core Staff

Robin Grove-White

Robin is Professor Emeritus of Environment and Society. Robin was the co-founder, with Brian Wynne, of CSEC at Lancaster University in 1991.

John law

John has shaped debates on Actor Network Theory (ANT), heretogeneous engineering, the performativity of method, and post-colonial STS. He is working with scientists and indigenous Sámi people on salmon in the Deatnu River.

Bronislaw Szerszynski

Bron’s research draws on the social sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences to explore the changing relationship between humans, environment and technology.

Claire Waterton

Claire is a Professor Emerita and the CSEC’s previous director. She uses STS approaches to explore contemporary environmental problems and is currently working with farmers, agronomists and ecologists on cattle slurries and their infrastructures.

Brian Wynne

Brian is Emeritus Profressor of Science Studies. His research has shaped debates in technology and risk assessment, public risk perceptions,  and public understanding of science.

Affiliated Members

Nigel Clarke

Nigel researches how social life is shaped and perturbed by physical forces, and how humans acquired the geological agency of the ‘Anthropocene’.

Wallace Heim

Wallace works to analyse the experience of art works and social practices and how these events shape their social and ecological contexts.

David Tyfield

David researches the normative and political/power dimensions of the processes of knowledge production and their interaction with issues of global cultural political economy

Mark Toogood

Mark researches histories of science and the relationships between expertise, lay knowledge and non-humans.