A Day in the Life of a Student: COVID-19 Edition

Everyone knows life as a student can be challenging. We are still learning how to be independent adults: cooking, cleaning, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (sometimes), socialising and trying to balance all of this with our workload at university. So, it’s no surprise to anyone that being a student during a pandemic is extra-challenging! To give us an insight, two of our own BLS students (and blog members), editor Ellie McFarlane and social media manager Amelia Doran show us what a day in their pandemic life is like!



Ellie: “As I’m sure we can all agree, COVID-19 has created quite a change to the way university runs for us. We thought we’d show you what a day in the life for students in a global pandemic is like.”

Amelia: “First up, I like to plan out what I have to do each day. This morning there are lecture notes to make from the recording we’ve been provided with. Whilst it takes a little longer to prepare for lectures now, it’s great to be able to go through content at your own pace. We also both take notes digitally, which is really useful to keep everything together. Plus, its better for the environment.”

Ellie: “Then it’s a live lecture session. BLS [department] runs these as a recap of a recorded lecture with Q&A’s and some additional information for a more in-depth look at the lecture content. Combining these with the notes we made earlier helps consolidate our learning.”

Amelia: “Then it’s lab time. BLS has managed to keep labs open with new social distancing measures which means we headed onto campus to run an SDS-page gel. It’s such an important part of our course to be in labs so we’re super happy to be back.”

Ellie: “Then after a trip back home and a break for lunch it was time to get on with some coursework. For me, that involved checking over a worksheet due soon and making sure I submit it online in plenty of time.”

Amelia: “I spent my afternoon researching and writing a section of an essay due in a few weeks. As my camera is showing sometimes it’s hard to stay focused at this point.”

Ellie: “Once I checked off my to-do list it was time for me to get ready to head out with my flatmates for a drink to celebrate the end of a week of hard work.”

Amelia: “I headed to local charity ‘eggcup’ where I volunteer [in] helping to reduce food waste and combat food poverty.”

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