Lab members present at vICIC 2020

Many of the lab members had presentations at the 2020 International Conference on Infant Studies, which was this year held virtually because of the COVID-19 situation. Gert gave a talk on using computational models in developmental research, and Marina, Szilvi, Xiaoyun, Shirly and Didar had poster presentations on their research.

Arthur’s first paper accepted!

Arthur has the first paper from his PhD accepted: Capelier-Mourguy, A., Twomey, K., & Westermann, G.(accepted). Neurocomputational models capture the effect of learned labels on infants’ object and category representations. IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems.  

Marina Bazhydai blogs about CDS

Marina recently attended the Cognitive Development Society’s meeting in Portland, OR, USA and wrote the following summary:   Are children guided by proto-epistemic motives during social interactions? Impressions after the CDS conference by Marina Bazhydai Last week’s Cognitive Development Society’s meeting which took place in Portland, OR, brought together over 900 developmental scientists for 3 days…

Katie Twomey presents at the Lucid Mini Conference, Lancaster

Katie Twomey presented a talk at the Annual Mini-Conference of the ESRC Lucid centre. Her talk was on “The importance of nonlinguistic variability to early language learning: the case of colour” and presented data collected by Shirly Ma during her MSc project last year. Shirly will be re-joining the lab in October to start a PhD.