Lab members attend WILD 2017

Shirley, Marina B., and Priya attended the biannual Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD 2017) in Bilbao, Spain in June. They heard great talks from highly prestigious developmental researchers such as Janet Werker, David Lewkowicz, and Daniel Swingley who will be the keynote speaker for LCICD 2017. The Workshop inspired the lab members to plan their future studies…

Katie Twomey presents at the Lucid Mini Conference, Lancaster

Katie Twomey presented a talk at the Annual Mini-Conference of the ESRC Lucid centre. Her talk was on “The importance of nonlinguistic variability to early language learning: the case of colour” and presented data collected by Shirly Ma during her MSc project last year. Shirly will be re-joining the lab in October to start a PhD.