Power, society, and (dis)connectivity in medieval Sardinia


We are an international team of historians and archaeologists whose interests came together to explain Sardinia’s political and social development in the past as well as the ways that the island has been understood in the present. We aim to shed new light on the history of Sardinia, its unique insularity, the development of its peoples, and their history within a wider Euro-Mediterranean context. We are generously supported by a UK Arts and Humanities Research Council Standard Grant: Power, society and (dis)connectivity in medieval Sardinia (AH/S006273/1).


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Project Reference: AH/S006273/1

Our Aims

Four interlinked objectives:
  • We assess the formation of lasting Muslim-Christian frontiers in the western Mediterranean after the Arab Conquests through the medium of Sardinia.

  • We examine Mediterranean and Sardinian historiography, redefining their relationships in terms of their mutual in- and inter-dependence.

  • We explore networked and negotiated modalities of power and social interaction between the rulers and the wider population in Sardinia.

  • Our Research, Impact and Engagement mission seeks to explain medieval Sardinian and Mediterranean history to a wider audience beyond academia.

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